• Flexo printing

    Self adhesive labels in reel and sheet

    We print flexo UV (adhesive labels) on equipments with reel/sheet loading and reel unloading. The printing is made on different types of paper and synthetic substrates with numerous finishings (folio, emboss, special varnishes). We also have video inspection for increased quality measurements.

  • Offset printing

    Paper and cardboard in reel and sheet

    We print on offset flatbed and rotary equipments reel to reel, reel to fan-folder and reel to sheet on different paper and cardboard substrate.

  • Additional services

    Pre-press | Color management

    Pre-press (scans, colour separation, image processing)
    Shape design for printing
    Colour management
    Consultance in printing domain



Flexographical printing process

To be released.

În curând


  • Tazovsky Multilayer
  • Casa Gustului
  • Bockwurst
  • Banat Bun
  • Neaos
  • C+C
  • Syrah
  • Slim Fit Pate
  • Emmentaler
  • Naturelle - Bulion
  • Delaco - Cașcaval afumat
  • Agil - Salam de casă
Several works

Activity domains

We offer a wide range of labels, depending on customer needs, we print for the following domains:
  • Meat products
    and sausages
  • Dairy
  • Alcoholic beverages
    and soft drinks
  • Baking
    and pastry
  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Secure printing
  • Logistics
  • Automotive
    and electronic
  • Other food products


  • Timing and quality

    We have been working for over five years with Grafoprint and sticked with them for our projects that deal with the same passion that we ask every man at the „Delaco” team.

    Maria Florea - Quality manager, Delaco
  • Successful partnership

    Thank you for the way you worked with us, for the kindness you have shown and responded to our emergencies. You have proven yourself being a trustworthy and loyal partner on which we can rely on.

    Dana Racoti - Procurement Director, Gerocossen
  • Verantwortliches Unternehmen

    Bereits seit mehreren Jahren arbeiten wir mit Ihnen als verantwortliches Unternehmen für den Druck unserer Etiketten zusammen. Für die hervorragende Zusammenarbeit möchten wir uns bedanken und wünschen uns eine weiterhin partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit.

    Cornelia Bronkalla - Leitung Einkauf, Altmaerker

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